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The following applies to all sites owned and managed by Stiletto Jungle Enterprises, including and These disclosures were last updated December 6, 2009.

As of December 1, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that bloggers fully disclose any material connections they have with the products and services they mention on their blogs. As an editorial policy, we do not accept compensation in exchange for positive editorial placement. All of the opinions represented on Stiletto Jungle are those of the author alone. We do accept other forms of compensation not related to positive editorial placement, as follows:

Display Advertising - Like a billboard on a freeway, advertisers pay to display ads on this site. These ads take three forms: banner ads/ rich media ads, Google link ads and Chitika display ads (which only appear to visitors who arrive via search engines). The banner ads and rich media ads are pretty obvious, all other display ads are very clearly marked as such.

Affiliate Links - Some links out to products or online stores contain specially coded links that alert the stores that this site referred the customer. As a result of agreements with those stores, this site receives a very small percentage commission for any orders that result from those links. The percentage is very small-- in most cases less than 8%. These links compensate this site much like a commissioned salesperson is compensated in a department store. The existence of the links does not in any way change the amount paid by customers or anything about their online shopping experience. All affiliate links are added during production-- writers and editors are always free to write about any product they choose and affiliate links, if available, are added after the writer completes her piece. We never receive any personally identifiable information about users who purchase goods via links contained on this site.

Sponsored Posts - Occasionally an advertiser wishes to purchase advertising space within the main body of the blog rather than along the sidebar. These sponsored posts are always very clearly labeled as a sponsored post and contain the name (and most often the logo) of the sponsoring brand. Sponsored posts are either informational only or reflect the actual experiences the author of the post had with the product or products mentioned-- advertisers are never permitted to "buy" a recommendation or positive review. We just don't play that way.

More stuff you should know about Stiletto Jungle:

Reviews - We often review products. Sometimes brands provide us with free products for review purposes, the exact same way they provide review products to print magazines. Sometimes we purchase products specifically to review that product. Sometimes we review products that we just happen to use in our daily lives. We always carefully point out in our reviews the origin of the product we are reviewing. We don't review every product that is provided to us-- if the product is horrible, we simply decline to mention it at all. Seriously, it's not worth our time to write a review of a product that sucks. If we have something constructive to say, or something positive, we'll go ahead and review it. We do not accept money to review products and brands are never, ever guaranteed a positive review.

Photos - The rights to use the photos you see on Stiletto Jungle have been obtained either through agreements with the copyright holder (e.g., license to use, reciprocal linking agreements) or under what we believe to be a permitted use under the Fair Use doctrine. If you believe that you are the rightful copyright owner of a picture you see here and you would like it removed, please contact us via email at stephanie [at]